Acquisition of Gerrit Dou’s A Young Woman Holding a Hare with a Boy at a Window

The Klesch Collection is delighted to announce its newest acquisition, A Young Woman Holding a Hare with a Boy at a Window by the renowned Dutch painter Gerrit Dou, considered to be the greatest example of his work in private hands.

Gerrit Dou, founder of the Leiden fijnschilders (‘fine-painters’), enjoyed immense success and fame during his own lifetime. His meticulously detailed and finely executed works were reserved for a select few, including royalty and nobility, due to their labour-intensive nature and associated high prices. This picture exemplifies Dou’s creative genius in both technique and composition, painted at the peak of his artistic maturity with astounding self-confidence. Remarkably well-preserved, the painting’s smooth surface beautifully captures the luminosity characteristic of Dou’s works, inviting the beholder to come closer and examine the abundance of objects, textures and exquisite details so carefully depicted in this window scene.

Kept out of the public eye for the larger part of a century, this jewel from Dou’s oeuvre now embarks on the next chapter of its fascinating history. We are deeply honoured to be a part of the painting’s journey and to share this remarkable artwork with the world.

Gerrit Dou, A Young Woman Holding a Hare with a Boy at a Window, 1653–57