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The Klesch Collection is honoured to have this painting by Giorgio Vasari on view in The National Gallery on a long-term loan.

Vasari is most renowned for his book, Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects (1550), a series of artist biographies which have formed the conceptual foundation of modern art history, yet he was also gifted as a painter. In his art, Vasari was heavily influenced by his friend Michelangelo (1475-1564), of which this Allegory of Patience is a prime example. The fascinating story and documentation on how Vasari conceived this painting with Michelangelo’s aid, is described by Professor Carlo Falciani in Giorgio Vasari, Michelangelo and the Allegory of Patience (2020).

Below you can view National Gallery’s Caroline Campbell, Director of Collections and Research, and Matthias Wivel, Curator of 16th-century Italian paintings, in conversation with prof. Carlo Falciani about our painting and the book. You can read more about the book here, and the book is available for purchase here, in English and Italian.

Giorgio Vasari - Allegory of Patience

Giorgio Vasari
(Arezzo 1511 – Florence 1574)
Allegory of Patience
oil on canvas
(lower right)

197.8 x 107.8 cm. (77.9 x 42.4 in.)
c. 1552