The Klesch Collection is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of Portrait of a young woman holding a chain by Sir Peter Paul Rubens, who enjoyed unrivalled artistic supremacy in 17th century Europe and became the most influential artist of the Flemish Baroque.

This unique portrait, conceived with all the assured fluidity of Rubens’ hand, is testament to his masterful control of the paintbrush.

Alongside the dazzling painterly strokes made to convey the cuff and ruff collar, the sitter’s face and hands are finished to a high degree, capturing the young woman’s youth and the intensity of her gaze.

Rubens - Portrait of a young woman

Sir Peter Paul Rubens
(Siegen 1577 – Antwerp 1640)
Portrait of a young woman holding a chain
oil on canvas
85.5 x 66 cm. (33 ¾ x 26 in.)
c. 1603